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Terminal primary amine
MATRIX - NH - (CH2)6 - NH2
(1,6-diaminohexane - Matrix)
for coupling with -COOH containing compounds

1,6-diaminohexane - SepharoseTM 4 Fast Flow
Product code: DAH-4FF

Characteristics Package *Price in EUR
Matrix: SepharoseTM 4 Fast Flow
Spacer arm: 11 atoms.
Primary amine concentration : Approx. 15 Ámol per ml of wet resin.
Storage: Suspension in NaCl 0.5M; NaN3 0.1%(w/v) at 4░C.

Coupling conditions: with -COOH group in the presence of carbodiimide at pH 4.7 - 7.0.
Organic solvents can be used.
50 ml 270.00
100 ml 500.00
500 ml 2000.00
* All prices are FOB Liège.
Bulk quantities are available.

  MATRIX - NH - (CH2)5 - COONHS (with SepharoseTM fast flow)
  MATRIX - NH - (CH2)5 - COOH (with SepharoseTM fast flow)
  Epoxy activated Media (with SepharoseTM fast flow)
  MATRIX - NH - (CH2)4 - CHNH2 - COOH (with SepharoseTM fast flow)
  MATRIX - CH2 - CH2 - SO2 - CH = CH2 (with SepharoseTM fast flow)