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MW 440,000 daltons


Identification of an Antilaminin-1 scFv That Preferentially Homes to Vascular Solid Tumors, Cancer Biotherapy & Radiopharmaceuticals Oct 2005, Vol. 20, No. 5 : 524 -533.
Airway epithelium-derived transforming growth factor- is a regulator of fibroblast proliferation in both fibrotic and normal subjects, Clinical & Experimental Allergy, Volume 38 Issue 8, Pages 1309 1317, 2008.
Biomarkers for ragwort poisoning in horses: identification of protein targets, BMC Veterinary Research 2008, 4:30 doi:10.1186/1746-6148-4-30.


Source: Citrated plasma.
Purification method: Affinity purified.
Purity: 97% SDS-PAGE in the presence of beta-mercaptoethanol.
Biological properties: Two sub-units linked to each-other by the S-S bridges.

Cell adhesion promoting activity of human fibronectin (hFn)

Cell adhesion
Cell adhesion of collagen attachment deficient cells (rat lung cancer cells) in 30 min. on Collagen type I polymer. Correction of the cell adhesion was done by suppliementing the medium with increasing doses of human fibronectin.


Complete technical data sheet provided with the order.

Product code Product name Package *Price in EUR
Afd-6b Bovine fibronectin 1 mg 50.00
10 mg 250.00
Afd-6h Human fibronectin 1 mg 70.00
10 mg 320.00
Afd-6m Mouse fibronectin 1 mg 250.00
Afd-6r Rat fibronectin 1 mg 175.00
Afd-6rb Rabbit fibronectin 1 mg 93.00
* All prices are FOB Liège.
Bulk quantities are available.

Hepatitis test: NegativeAids antibody test: Negative