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CG, human
(human Chorionic gonadotropin)
MW 38,400 daltons


Source: human urine.
Purification method: Chromatography purified.
Scientific notes:
hCG is massively secreated by the placenta in the maternal circulation, with a concentration peaking at 9-12 weeks.

  • 237 amino acid residues.
  • Two subunits a and b.
  • Glycoprotein: 30% polysaccharides.
HCGi(human CG, highly purified)MW: 38,400 daltons
HCGalphai(human CGalpha, highly purified)MW: 14,930 daltons
HCGbetai(human CGbeta, highly purified)MW: 23,470 daltons
Shipment conditions: Lyophilized, essentially salt free.
Purity & activity:
HCGiPotency:greater than 9,000 IU/mg in terms of the 1st Int. St. 75/537 or equivalent.
HCGalphaiPotency:approx. 1,000 IU/mg in terms of the 1st IRP Int. St. 75/569 or equivalent.
Contamination:- hCGbeta: smaller than 0.2%.
- holo HCG: free.
HCGbetaiPotency:approx. 1,000 IU/mg in terms of the 1st IRP Int. St. 75/551 or equivalent.
Contamination:- HCGalpha: smaller than 0.2%.
- holo HCG: free.
Biological properties: Acts as a potent LH agonist and displays a weak FSH like activity.


Product code Product name Package *Price in EUR
HCGi Chorionic gonadotropin, human
highly purified
50 g 55.00
100 g 100.00
HCGalphai Chorionic gonadotropin
alpha subunit, highly purified
50 g 90.00
100 g 160.00
HCGbetai Chorionic gonadotropin
beta subunit, highly purified
50 g 90.00
100 g 160.00
* All prices are FOB Liège.
Bulk quantities are available.

Shipment at room temperature

Hepatitis test: NegativeAids antibody test: Negative