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Rb IgG anti-Equine Growth Hormone Immunoaffinity Column

Application: interesting for the screening of GH treated horses.

Matrix: SepharoseTM 4 Fast Flow.
Spacer arm: 12 atoms.
Ligand: Rabbit IgG anti-equine growth hormone.
Attachment: at Fc portion of IgG.
Immobilized ligand: 10,000 g of Rb IgG per ml of resin.
Affinity resin volume: 400 l wet resin.
Specificity: eGH - Binding capacity determined by RIA : approx. 6 g eGH per 400 l of resin column.
Storage: 4C, suspension in PBS buffer, pH 7.4, in the presence of NaN3 0.1% (w/v).


Product code Product name Quantity *Price in EUR
Rb IgG-eGH-c Rabbit IgG anti-eGH column 1 ea 365.00
5 ea 1734.00
> 10 ea Please inquire
Rb IgG-eGH-a Rabbit IgG anti-equine Growth Hormone antibody 1000 g 149.00
* All prices are FOB Liège.
Bulk quantities are available.

Shipment at room temperature

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